Colorfront’s tools optimize the conversion of SDR material to Dolby Vision

Colorfront, with the support of Dolby, is conducting a series of presentations to showcase how the Colorfront Engine tool enables efficient delivery of SDR content to Dolby Vision, ensuring maximum quality through an optimal process.

Nacho Mazzini, CEO of NMF, highlighted the tour he and José Tamez have been conducting to demonstrate the efficiency of Colorfront’s tools for audiovisual material conversion. “Recently, we were in London at Dolby Soho House, and currently, we are in Mumbai, India, showcasing the workflow for converting SDR catalogs to HDR using Dolby Vision technology.”

SDR2DolbyVision by Colorfront provides a premium HDR viewing experience while maintaining precise alignment between the original SDR master and the derived content using custom-generated Dolby Vision SMPTE ST-2094 metadata. This powerful toolkit not only prepares SDR content for the future but also preserves creative essence in the Dolby Vision HDR format.

The award-winning Colorfront Engine, recipient of the HPA Engineering Excellence Award, now allows users to seamlessly update extensive SDR content libraries to the Dolby Vision HDR format, addressing the growing number of HDR-ready screens and devices with a simple, time-efficient, and cost-effective solution.

The conversion process not only transforms SDR to Dolby Vision HDR but also generates unique Dolby Vision metadata, ensuring that the SDR output derived from Dolby visually matches the original SDR content. This innovative round-trip method presents a unified, optimized, single-source workflow for mastering and distribution1.